I am planting the seed of a new singdancing company.

A Singdancing Company is not just a dance company and not just a vocal ensemble. It is a group of musical athletes, who provide an example of health and harmony.

ASCEND stands for A Singdancing Company Entertaining Nature’s Dreams. ASCEND will be a company of singdancers whose intention is to motivate humans to cherish nature: our ecosystems, forests, animals, water, air, and our own bodies. Throughout humanity’s history we have struggled against nature to survive, but in the new millennium, the battle for survival is no longer with nature, but with our own consumptive needs, to preserve our environmental nest. Founder, choreographer and composer Vanessa Nowitzky acknowledges the depth of that paradigm shift, turning the tide with grace, thoughtfulness, and compassion. The natural world inspires Vanessa to create singdancing events that remind people of its beauty and wonder. She wishes to attract financers, collaborators and company members for the ongoing presentation of events by ASCEND.


Planned Upcoming Projects include a video montage about the destructive holocaust of factory farms; an aerial spiderweb (idea sponsored by Moonifest!) to hang between large trees; a concert performance of “The Creek” singdance with live pianist and slide show of amazing water sources in nature. Check the events page for updates.

Ashland, Oregon is a rare oasis with an intact ecosystem that is threatened by a proposed ski resort expansion. Vanessa’s local efforts focus on protecting Ashland’s watershed and old growth trees. She also works to raise awareness of the need to preserve our last remaining forests worldwide. Vanessa wishes to audition and hire vegan singdancers who would willingly live in Ashland, Oregon for the bulk of the year, rehearsing work that can be performed at or near the sites of threatened areas, and in concert halls on tour throughout the world. Singdancers must be able to sing a cappella, in harmony, one on a part, while dancing modern dance/ performing aerial. Some training provided. Contact Vanessa for more information.

If you’d like to work for or donate to this company, or for more information, please contact Vanessa. Please tell me how you wish to participate and what experience you have.

In singdancing, I allow movement to affect vocalization, and I compose music based on those effects. I am at heart a composer with a new performance technique for the human voice. An improvisatory approach of allowing any sounds to come out enables one to become deeply familiar with the relative effects of movement on the vocal apparatus. With this integrated foundation, I create choreography in conjunction with composing musical themes.

I choreograph and compose singdances that remind people of the beauty and wonder of the natural world. I also improvise singdance at sites I believe need spotlighting. By expressing the spirit of nature, I want to inspire people to conserve trees, protect animals, and honor their own physical human nature. My slogan, “Sing the Body!”, applies both to the human body and the body of planet Earth, as understood through science.

~Vanessa Nowitzky, artistic director of A Singdancing Company

Photo by Sangye Ince-Johannsen, multimedia tech director of A Singdancing Company.


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